About Us
Era Ingredients & Chemicals Sdn. Bhd.
We turn your ideas into products.
Who Are We
Quality Ingredients One Stop Centre
Era Ingredients & Chemicals Sdn. Bhd. is a leading company in the marketing and distributing of quality food ingredients. Founded since 2012, we started our business humbly with merely two staffs. After more than 10 years of continuous hard work, we have established ourselves as one of the competitive food ingredients suppliers available in Malaysia who provide quality ingredients to our customers. We provide solutions for a variety of applications including beverage, nutrition, confectionery, processed meat & surimi, vegetarian, bakery and others.

Besides supplying the quality ingredients, we work closely with our customers for the development of their products. We turn your ideas into products!

Why Choose ERA?
 Product Formulation

ERA provides our own unique formulation and leads the market trends with our ideas.

ERA provides solutions incorporating alternative ingredients for our budget-conscious customers without sacrificing product quality.
 Global Sourcing

ERA networks around the world to source for top-quality ingredients for our customers.
 Exclusive Ingredient Brands

ERA has an exclusive distribution deals with business partners for well-known ingredient brands.
 Customer Service

ERA listens, customers are our top priority!
Our Vision
To lead businesses and people to make better food for a better future.

Our Mission
• We are the source of quality ingredients, helping our customers to create quality products.

• We forge purposeful relationship with our customers through thoughtful communication and excellent service.

• We innovate with our customers, providing solution to their ideas.
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